Created: 21. december 2014
Version: 1.1
iTunes Store: MySpending

A simple effort or spending calculator which allows you to precalculate the costs. It can be used to calculate the size of a backup plan or to overview our livelihood.

The app allows you to categorize your spendings. The categories can be exported and imported. The costs can be copied to another category per drag and drop.



  1. Overview of the selected category. All the entries in the category will be sum up. Each entry will be multiplicated with the corresponding interval. An entry which has a daily interval will be multiplicated with 360 for the yearly display. The interval monthly will be multiplicated with 30 and the interval weekly with 56
  2. Listing of all categories. All entries must be assigned to a category. This means that there must exist at least one category
  3. Listing of all entries of the selected category. You can set up the interval for each entry. Either never, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  4. With those buttons you can add or remove a category
  5. The selected category can be exported to a file. The category can be imported even between different systems. You can use the buttons to create a backup or to share the data
  6. Those buttons can be used to add or delete an entry from a category

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