Created: 25. december 2012
Version: 3.3
iTunes Store: Screenwatcher

Screenwatcher is a movie player for websites, images and screensavers. Unlike the most player, Screenwatcher displays the movies on the desktop background like a wallpaper. Therefore you can display a rss newsfeed or a youtube video on your desktop. An configurable animation is shown when the player changes from the current movie to the next one. Screenwatcher supports multiple screens. The application is available in english, german and french.

Supported content types:

  • Any webpage
  • Screensavers (.saver and .qtz)
  • Images (Limited to jp2, png, jpg, tiff and not animated gifs)
  • Movies (All available formats in Quicktime - use the perian extension to add flv support)


Supported animations:

  • Dissolve
  • Page curl
  • Swipe
  • Bars Swipe
  • Mod
  • Copy Machine
  • Flash
  • Ripple





  1. With those buttons you can add a new playlist or delete the selected playlist. You must have at least one playlist that you can import pictures or movies
  2. These buttons add or delete movies from a playlist
  3. This panel defines the behaviour of the playlist. If the left button is activated the playlist will be played for an endless time. If the right button is active then the movies are played in a random order
  4. The default playlists of the computer. The preinstalled screensavers, movies in the folder ~/Film, etc. are read in automatically
  5. With the help of this panel you can control the player. The buttons close to the borders change to the previous or the next movie. With the buttons in the middle you can pause or stop the playlist. The second and the fifth button are used to skip 10 seconds forward or backwards in the movie 
  6. The transparency and the volume of the movie can the set up with those sliders
  7. A search field for the list of the movies inside a playlist



How can I play movies from youtube?

You are able to play any website as movie, even a youtube website. If you enter the youtube address as source for the movie then you are not able to control the movie played on that website or to animate the switch between movies. We recommend to download the movie from youtube and to save it in your user directory. For this process you can use the preferred tool of your choice

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